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A Lot of Legos

August 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Jeff Pelletier, architect, husband, father, Lego connoisseur. Nine years ago, Jeff moved to Seattle and the house that he gutted and remodeled symbolically told him where he was going to put all his Lego, 250,000 of them. In the basement part of the house, Jeff found a single Lego on the floor and it was no second guessing what that room would turn into. I saw Jeff's story on Komo News and wondered if Jeff would be interested in a portrait session. Yes he was. 

In addition to the straight on portraits, I had a pair of Lego hands made for Jeff because I wanted to shoot a portrait that symbolized his love for Legos and the fact that he was an architect, after all. 

We always have time for an outtake....

Thank you to Jeff for being a great sport and letting me photograph you! Special thank you to Alicia Beckerman for her Lego hand making expertise, Jason Guerra for helping me on this shoot, and Greg Colman for post-production support. 



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