Elizabeth Ogle | Titan 1 Missile Silo: Eastern WA

Titan 1 Missile Silo: Eastern WA

July 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

East of the Cascade Mountains in Washington there are wide open blue skies with the beautiful contrast of the sun burnt desert and rolling hills. It feels like a completely different world driving through it, especially since I left a grey, down-pour rainy Seattle for Kennewick, one of the Tri-Cities. I had the absolute pleasure of being the Production Assistant with a production company, shooting a short segment featuring the Titan 1 Missile Silo in Royal City, WA. 

Just a little history lesson...the Titan 1 Missile Silo (one of many) located in Adams County, WA was built during the Cold War. It took three years for the government to build but only operated for a little less than two years. However, it was highly advised not to build in this area due to the groundwater that was below the surface. To overcome that obstacle, water pumps were constructed to keep the operation dry, not so much the case now. When the missile silo was abandoned, so were the pumps. The missiles have long since been removed but everything else is in tact, like an eye wash station and original lightbulbs. Today, the silo is now a hot spot for adventure diving.

I would love to say that I did get to dive but I didn't. Instead between filming, I took behind the scene shots of what is left of the silo. It was an amazing experience to walk through the facility with David Bruns from Undersea Adventures and diving guide for the silo.

Below the silo sits....

Beautiful color amongst the junk yard that sits above the silo.

Laura James, Diver and Assistant Camera, checking out the graffitied walls of the living quarters. Kids write the darndest things. Unfortunately, this is also a hot spot for teenage parties. To get to this part we had to walk through inches of pigeon poop...lots of pigeon poop. I don't think a photo of that is needed.  


  Laura James (AC) and David Schott (Diver and DP) looking down the rabbit hole to the entrance of the emergency outlet for the silo. Now it is the entrance to the diving excursion. 

Gearing up...

Descending into the abyss...

And returning...

This was a pretty amazing experience and to be able to see this part of history was unforgettable. Just another reason to love the state I live in and to love my job.