Elizabeth Ogle | The Writer's Dilemma with Adam Winans

The Writer's Dilemma with Adam Winans

June 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Having a creative block is beyond frustrating. As a photographer, keeping the ideas flowing can be exhausting and challenging to come up with something new and not just for your audience but for yourself. As a creative, what I struggle with is trying not to over complicate ideas, lighting, styling, and the overall concept. I know that I want to continue to create and shoot but when I find myself asking "but what?!" maybe it is actually time for me to take a mental break. Usually my first idea is never the best one so I have to let it lie. Sometimes the best thing to do is take a break, stop thinking about it and have a little faith an idea will pop up that might work. Of course, there are times when you gotta just simply ask others for help.   

I wanted to do a photo shoot based around my buddy Adam Winans, a writer and recent contestant on the NBC show American Ninja Warrior. Yes, the reality show where everyday people who are physically capable to climb through obstacle courses to obtain the title of being America's next best thing to Bruce Lee. I racked my brain for weeks thinking about what to do. I was too focused on the America Ninja Warrior part that I was pinning myself in a corner. Eventually I just asked him about being a writer. I learned from him that having a creative block, specifically writer's block, is just as paralyzing for him as it is for me. 

"Lately, it's been non-existent. My biggest problem for the last few years is just an inability to sit down and right. One thing I do that's odd, though, is walk around and talk to myself. It's how I set up my last stand up set. I walked around and talked to myself until I said something funny."

Once he told me that an idea popped! Create a shoot based around creative blocks or in Adam's case, writer's block. Here are behind the scene shots of my set...

Amelia the Mannequin always makes a great stand-in. 

Adam getting to know Amelia the Mannequin before shooting. 

Ok Adam, that is enough! And here we go...




This was a very fun shoot and I am so happy I was able to get Adam in the studio before I graduated from Seattle Central Creative Academy. He did a great job and I look forward to working more with him in the future. Thank you to Erin Segale and Kevin Calhoun for giving me a hand on set. 

On a side note, this was my last in studio session for being part of the class of SCCA 2014. I am very excited and happy about what is to come. I look forward to seeing my work grow, evolve, and I hope you all like it along the way.