Elizabeth Ogle | The Port Townsend Diaries: Wednesday

The Port Townsend Diaries: Wednesday

May 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Wednesday, May 7, 2014: So I met this guy who was kind of a clown. It turns out he dresses the part too...

For this post I am featuring a very special fellow by the name of Brandon Chappell. I had contacted the Key City Public Theater looking for performers who might be interested in modeling for one of my shoots. Brandon was one of the first people to contact me saying he was interested. Good timing too because he got a hold of me the day before my giant scout day in Port Townsend to figure out what the heck I was planning on doing.  I felt a little embarrassed that I didn't have many ideas when I sat down with Brandon but I asked him to tell me about himself and what type of performances he does. 

"I have a sad clown act that I do..."

Like Phina's photo shoot, I decided to take inspiration from another past-time artist, Red Skelton as well as Chicago's "Mr. Chellophane" character. With help from Phina's dad, Joey Pipia, I was able to secure a theater to shoot in and have full range of the lights and space. This shoot was challenging for me because I was shooting on site unseen. However, I saw that I was able to have access to the catwalks above the stage floor and I took advantage of that high angle. 

BTS photos courtesy of photographer, Lou Daprile...

Small girl in a small space

I came down from my perch for a little chat. 

Modeling is hard! ;) Brandon was very patient waiting for me to get my darn lighting right. 

I took a lot lot lot of shots but these are my favorites of Brandon's clown character. 


Don't be fooled by his melancholy face in these photos, Brandon was of one of the most humble and nicest people I got to meet in Port Townsend. He is a talented writer and performer in his community. Many thanks to Brandon for getting up a little early in the morning to be a part of my Port Townsend Shoot Out 2014.

Thank you to Sadie LeDonna for make-up, Lou Daprile and Erik Skaar for assisting.