Elizabeth Ogle | The Port Townsend Diaries: Thursday

The Port Townsend Diaries: Thursday

May 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Thursday, May 8th: Mark Herring is an "Analog Man"

We could go ahead and call this one a "Throwback Thursday" photo shoot entry since it features artifacts of the past that have made a collectible comeback, vinyl records. Mark Herring owns and runs Quimper Sound, a small yet stocked full shop of music and memorabilia in the underground heart of Port Townsend. This was a shop I always visited when I made previous trips up. Mark became a subject of mine on accident. I needed advice on where were some good places to photograph for my shoot I was planning with Sarah Chrisman.

Mark was immediately intrigued by my project and gave me some great leads on some parks and buildings. Then we started to chat about music. As Mark chatted away on his favorite artists, his passion for vinyl stood out to me the most. He continued to talk about his shop and how it recently moved to the underground location of town.

Afterwards, I thanked Mark for his help and off I went to scout what he had told me but I couldn't help that I couldn't get over how he talked about how much he loved his shop and the contents in it. Long story short, I had to do a environmental portrait of him. 

Mark was very nice to close his shop an hour early so I could have enough time to shoot his portrait. However, even though I planned for this shoot to be a smooth running show, it almost wasn't. I ran into technical problems, such as a fuse blowing right as I was about to get started. I stayed calm on the outside but in my head I was racing to figure out how to get my light back on. Luckily I was able to get the fused changed quite fast. Soon after changing that, my battery for the light had ran out of power. What I am about to say is one of the best pieces of advice for photographers who are learning how to put a light kit together: bring a extension cord. It will save your shoot. It saved mine and finally I was ready to click away. 

I unofficially call this shoot "The Analog Man" after Joe Walsh's song. Mark was an awesome subject and I look forward to visiting his shop again when I make a trip back up to Port Townsend. In the photo below I told Mark to rearrange some of his favorite albums although I asked if I could throw in a favorite of mine, Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys. 


Check out Quimper Sound at http://totera.com/quimpersound/

Thanks to Jason Guerra for assisting.