Elizabeth Ogle | The Port Townsend Diaries: Friday

The Port Townsend Diaries: Friday

May 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Friday, May 9, 2014: The Aerialist

Over the past few months my work as been focused around local performers. Even though I have had the luck of finding jugglers, actors, and musicians I have been looking for an aerialist. My Wednesday model, Brandon Chappell introduced me to Sadie LeDonna. Sadie definitely impressed me with her acrobatic strength on set and I had a great time working with her. Using the same location as I did for Brandon's shoot, Sadie was so nice to rig up her hoop and silks that I used for a backdrop.  


Working with Sadie on poses I was shooting for.

Well she was upside down, I flipped my camera upside down to show her shots.

Although viewing the shots this way was easier. 

Well this marks the final blog post for my photo excursions in Port Townsend. I had a blast while I was up there working with my awesome models and the 1st years assistants that helped me with each shoot. Thanks again to Sadie LeDonna for her participation, her boyfriend Sean as a unofficial assistant and Jason Guerra for sticking around to be my official assistant. More thanks to Joey Pipia for The Chameleon Theater.   

Hope you all enjoyed reading these and look for more work to com every soon.