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Vitamin C Cycling Circus

April 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Hello there! 

This week featured on my blog is a very talented couple of Sasha and Clay, two very multi-talented performers of Vitamin C Cycling Circus. 

In my search for a juggler for an assignment, I found two! I was out one day taking a walk with my buddy Kevin Calhoun, Graphic Designer as if my wish was granted, I saw Clay juggling five balls on the green grass at Seattle Central Community College. I left Kevin in mid sentence and ran over to Clay and introduced myself. He told me he had a partner and then the rest in in the photo shoot.

This was a special shoot in particular because I was shooting for composite, something that takes a ton of practice and certainly is not easy. Below are the behind the scenes pics.

Thank you to Clay and Sasha for being my models. Check out their blog to see about their travels. http://cyclingcircus.blogspot.com/


Special thanks to April Staso, photographer, for assisting.