Elizabeth Ogle | Playing in a traveling band. Yeah!

Playing in a traveling band. Yeah!

April 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

There is no such thing as a break so during my spring break from classes, I had the fun opportunity to photograph Aaron Shay and Timothy "Strangley" Doesburg. They needed shots for promo pieces for their summer tour coming up and I was a happy to do the shoot for them.

The wonderful and fun thing about shooting a entertainment duo is that even though each individual has their own unique ability to play an instrument or tell a joke, when they play off of each other the shoot can go all sorts of directions and shots can come out way better than you could ever plan for. Probably my most favorite part is just standing back and watching the dynamic relationship of the two unfold in front of me, all I have to do is click the shutter...and make sure nothing technical goes wrong. 

After going back and forth through Facebook messages about setting up a time and date for the shoot (I shot it on my birthday actually, April 2nd. :D), I finally had the chance to meet the guys the day before the shoot. Aaron picked the location for it. This was done at the Washington Ensemble Theater and from then on, we enjoyed some eggs benedict and being entertained by Strangely's courageous stories of being on the road.

Check out Aaron Shay and Strangely on their sites to see when you can catch one of their upcoming shows.

Aaron Shay: http://aaronjshay.net/

Strangely and Friends: http://www.strangelyandfriends.com/

Thank you April Staso for your assistance.