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Voodoo Doll

February 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Friends! 

Continuing my Black assignment for school, I decided to think more about Black Magic themed things. I didn't want to go satanical but just photograph elements of Black Magic and superstitions. I thought of Voodoo as element of black magic and at first I thought about scouring the earth for the perfect Voodoo doll, one that was classic looking, not the novelty one you find at Archie McPhee's or kitchen store but something that looked homemade. Then I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it a little more and it was simple, MAKE ONE! 

I have never made a Voodoo before nor do I partake in any witch craft but I know how to use a needle and thread and so I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and went to Stitches on Broadway for materials. Took me a couple hours but here is my little model...

Modeling is hard! This guy was a trooper though to be poked with all these pins. 

Not bad for my first Voodoo doll huh?

I decided to suspend the doll with fishing wire to make it seem like it was floating. Suspending anything with fishing wire is tricky to keep what you want stable. Of course the other tricky part is to not bump or disturb where your clear fishing wore is suspended...oops. Here is a quick snapshot of my set...

I put a red gel on the strip light that bounced on the wall. I chose a strip light because I like the spread better than a general gridded spotlight. I grazed the doll with the gridded spotlight above and had white card for fill on the camera left side. 

And this is the result!