Elizabeth Ogle | Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman

February 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Oooooo it is getting spooky in the studio with the gorgeous Megan Harris, friend, model, Graphic Designer. She can do it all and in fact, she can do a fantastic job on the make-up she applied to her face for this Black Magic Woman photo shoot for my Black series. For this photo shoot I wanted to go dark but again, not satanic or gory. Grabbing inspiration from Rick Genest, a model also known as Zombie Boy (you may actually remember him Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" music video), I asked Megan if she would recreate this look for me and she was happy to oblige.

The process for the make-up took a couple hours an the process for removing it took more than a couple face wipes. Megan even told me she accidentally scared a little kid. Eek! 

Also, I wanted to try a photoshop trick of making her portrait dark and into a movie poster. Here is the before and after...



Hope you all like it, experimenting is fun! 

Thank you Megan for modeling for me!