Elizabeth Ogle | Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Helloooo! Merry Christmas everybody! 

When Christmas comes in Seattle there are a few things in particular that I look forward to. All the beautiful lights around downtown, the abundance of fun Christmas shows and gatherings with friends, and the fantastic job my mom does making her house look like a Martha Stewart holiday dream house, AND the rad opportunity to create a fun photo shoot for this season.  

However, when it comes to Christmas I also immediately think of the boxes and boxes boxes of decorations buried in the darkest corner of my basement waiting to be unpack, the million mile lengths of lights to untangle and the crossing of fingers that they all work. If you get three out of five plugged in and glowing, you're a winner!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday this year and a fun new year. See you all in 2015! 

Shot Notes: This shot took 45 minutes. I found a free box at a U-Haul shop that I could "fit" in. I raided my mom's basement for decorations and lights. There are about 8+ strings of lights plugged in. I kept telling Jason to put as many lights on me as possible. It was very toasty in that box. After making funny faces for nearly an hour, I had to be lifted out of the box because my left leg was stuck in place in the front corner of this shot. This was such a fun shoot and I hope you all like it! 


Very much thank you to those who helped with this image: 

Jason Guerra, Assistant 

Greg Coleman, Digital Tech  

Galen Drew, Graphic Designer: http://galendrew.com/