Mock Magazine #1: Rolling Stone

March 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Recently, I have been working alongside with Graphic Designer and good friend, Kevin Calhoun. We have teamed up to create some really cool and fun mock magazine covers for ourselves. Shooting for print is something that I love doing and one of Kevin's favorite ways to design in layout and working with typography. We have had a lot of fun gobbling pizza, watching Golden Girls, and collaborating ideas on this cover. This is the first of quite a few we plan on working on together. 

For this first one, we decided to make a mock cover of Rolling Stone magazine featuring my musical friend, Michael Hunt who goes by the stage name Underbolt. He was gracious to come over and bring crates of props and pieces to play with. Too many in fact, that I decided to keep it simple and shoot him in a favorite pair of shades and one of his favorites synthesizers to create with. Thank you Michael for being our first subject to get this project off the ground.

Stay tuned to a lot more covers coming!


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