The Port Townsend Diaries: Monday

May 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Hello and welcome to a special rendition of my blog where for the next few posts it will be featuring my on location assignments from Port Townsend Shoot Out 2014. My photography program takes a week trip up to Port Townsend every year and for this year's trip I can say that I had an absolute blast! I met some really cool people, orchestrated six shoots in five days, and partly left some down time for a much needed vacation on the Olympic Peninsula. For the next few blog posts, your going to behind the scene shots of the work that I created, before and after post work and overall my experience working with the great people I did meet. Hope you enjoy and now I will finally get moving on to talk about my first shoot.

Monday, May 5, 2014-Influences

My theme for this shoot was Influences. I had the pleasure of meeting Phina Pipia, actress, musician, writer, producer, and co-founder of the performing arts group, Generation Goat Rocket. A couple weeks prior, we sat down and talked about where she gets her inspiration from for what she writes and performs. She responded with many influences such as Laurie Anderson, the classic Marx Brothers, and James Thierree, Charlie Chaplin's grandson. When she mentioned Charlie Chaplin, I had a spark and I then I went to the drawing board after our meeting. I later called her and asked if she was interested in simply being one of her influences for her photo shoot. The twist was I wanted her to pose as herself for half of the shot and as Charlie Chaplin as the other half. Her response, "I love the concept, and am super excited about the shoot."  

With help from Vintage Costumers in Seattle, I rented all the needed pieces for Chaplin's classic Tramp look. We met the day prior to make sure the suit "fit". The best looking coat that I rented was not black, it was green. I added that to the list of post work I had ahead of me. Below are behind the scene shots of putting the final shot together, courtesy of photographer, Leesha King.


Anyone know how to tie a tie?

Practicing Chaplin poses. 

Applying the Charlie Chaplin Make-up

Getting the mustache set and here we go...

Shot 1: I asked Phina to pretend Charlie is sitting next to her and make faces at him. Notice how the sidewalk is saturated...

Shot 2: Then after a costume change...notice how the sidewalk is completely dry and her jacket is green! My frame did change slightly but it was not all a bad thing. 

Finally after much compositing magic and additional post work...

This was such a fun shoot and I am so grateful for Phina's help. She was a great Chaplin. To learn more about Phina and Generation Goat Rocket productions, visit:

Costumes provided by Vintage Costumers:

Thank you to my assistants, Leesha King and Jason Guerra. 

 Stay tuned for Tuesday!