Comedy Ain't Easy

February 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Hey-oh! Side splitting laughter in the studio last week with a little help from my friends, Mike Murphy and Steven Nolen. They were gracious to come in and model for me and even get a pie in the face! Since I was working with two models, I wanted to give each one their own character.

Steven was modeled after a "Mr. Late Night" talk show host. I took inspiration from the classic styles of Jonny Carson and Jay Leno to the silliness of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. For the pie shots, it took a little pie-free practice movements but when it came to the final moment of creaming the comedian, Steven was real trooper. Thank you Rachael for being a great pie-shover in the face. 



For Mike, I went the more stand-up comedian route. I took inspiration from one of my all time favorite comedic-actor, Chris Farley. I wanted to do a sort of tribute to him by mimicking "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" from the ever so funny movie Tommy Boy. Here are the results...

Thanks Mike for being a part of this shoot! I think Farley would be proud. 



Thank you Rachael Conley, Erika Scott, and Mac Holt for your help on this photo shoot.